Cycling America – 2013

So my flight gets me to Los Angeles and I’ll be getting a train down to San Diego the same day and staying in a motel for a night before I hit the road the next morning… No time for sight seeing (you stay classy San Diego, I’ll be back).

Leaving San Diego my goal is to cover at least 140 miles a day, if I have strength I’ll try more in case a nasty head wind is waiting for me the day after. I aim to average 14mph for (you guessed it) 10 hours a day with minimal breaks and eating whilst I’m on the bike.. Sean Conway who cycled around the world has shown me how to fashion a food holder on my tri bars using a coca-cola bottle cut in half.

In short:

  • Distance: 3,058 miles
  • Duration: 21 days, hopefully less
  • People: 1

I’ll be crossing through 8 states, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and finally Florida. Where I hit the coast in St.Augustine and splash my face in the ocean and hug a passer by. I’ll then some how get to Orlando for my flight home, if I have time I’ll probably cycle, if I have more time I’ll be at Disney Land. Easy huh?!

I’ll go into my kit in another blog post but I want to travel as light as possible and camp most night. I’ll have a bothy bag instead of a tent and only carry what I need. The terrain will be a mixture of mountains, long roads and cities. I’ll have to contend with all kinds of weather and be prepared for the worst rain and wind as well as the heat and humidity famous in New Orleans.

Southern tier route, I don’t know what that loop is in New Mexico.

Hopefully I’ll see some amazing things on the way and I’ll be taking my camera to document my route.

I hope not to encounter any snow, hurricanes, storms, hillbillies, too close for comfort vehicles or Mexican boarder patrol.

I’ll add more later but until then wish me luck.

I’d like to thank Sean Conway for his advice and his book. If I do succeed it has a lot to do with his encouragement and great advice.


2 responses to “Cycling America – 2013

  1. 140 mile a day, loaded cycling, no rest days, no foul weather contingency, and mountains in the way, Make sure your flight home is an open ticket………… I wish you well and can only hope you have experienced loaded cycle touring before, it is at least half the time I would consider possible and a quarter what I would think sensible if taking the time out to visit the US and enjoy the experience.

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