Cycling the world on a Brompton

It’s become official again. My mouth went ahead of my mind and I started telling people I was cycling the world. Not only that I’m doing it on a fold up Brompton Bicycle. Why? Because it sounded hard, It’s never been done before, I get to cycle at a nice pace and see the world. I mean how cool is this, I get to cycle the world! I’ve roughly planned my route too.

Starting in London I’ll go north to Harwich where I get the ferry over to the Netherlands, then down through Belgium to Luxembourg, then I’ll cross through Germany and all of Europe over the Istanbul and then on to Baku where I get my first flight to Mumbai. I’ll cycle across India to Calcutta and fly again to Bangkok, I’ll then cycle down the coast to Singapore and then on to Bali after a few boat trips. Flying to Perth I’ll cycle all across Australia to Sydney and then fly to New Zealand to fly from south the north. Across to North America I’ll do the souther tier again as I met some lovely people along the way last time, from Florida I’ll fly to Lima and this is when I’m out of my comfort zone, I’ll tackle the Andes and the Atacama desert across South America to Rio De Janeiro and fly to Portugal. Then I’ll cycle all the way up through Spain and France back to good Old Blighty. And that’s the name of my Brompton, Old Blighty. My previsional plan for leaving is end of February but I might push it back a bit depending on work. But as it stands put the 28th or February in your diary to join me to cycle from London to Harwich.

Here’s me picking her up from the shop  a couple of weeks ago..

Proud Owner - Picking up my Brompton from Cycle Surgery in King Cross

Proud Owner – Picking up my Brompton from Cycle Surgery in King Cross

I love it, I’ve taken her to work most days and I prefer computing on it compared to my last bike. It rides really well and with the reduced gearing is pretty forgiving on most hills.

Yesterday I did an awesome 80 mile training ride. Took me about 6 hours with breaks and I averaged about 14 mph. On one hill in particular just outside of Red Hill surrey I felt particularly proud when I over took a few road bikes. All and all I was more tired than normal but I know I can cycle the world now averaging 80 miles a day. I still had plenty of energy and I’ve only just started with my training. I need to make a few adjustments with the bike like increase the saddle as I need another inch to fully extend my legs and tilt the P bars forward a little.

I’ll be hitting out 100 mile rides each weekend now at a minimum and really get my legs conditioned to recovering for the multiple day cycles.

In other news I have my first sponsor but details of that will come in a later post.


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