New Bike – Brompton B-Spoke

After a worryingly tough 70 mile cycle today (Just got back from Holiday) and a week of pondering I decided to take the plunge and purchase a new bike. It’s a Brompton B-Spoke particularly designed for long haul touring. The details of my latest adventure will come with time but trust me when I say it long, very long haul.

Brompton B-Spoke - for cycling really really far

Brompton B-Spoke – for cycling really really far

Why a Brompton?

  •  Well it’s good to fly with, really good to fly with. Anyone who’s flown with a bike knows the fear and hassle, not to mention the extra cost. This fits nicely in a suitcase.
  • It’s pretty damn sturdy. Brompton don’t mess around, it either comes in steel or titanium. I chose Steel as I couldn’t afford a titanium.
  • It has Scwalbe Marathon plus tyres. Ok I know most bikes with 700c wheels do too but these wheels are fantastic for touring due to puncture protection.
  • It has a lot of extra space. The little wheels and long front tube give you more room to have bags. I intend to fit my alpkit koala saddlebag under the saddle too.
  • It has dynamo and lighting, This is another plus, again most bike can have them but it’s great they ship with them if you want. I’ve gone for the Shimano over the Son purely for cost saving again.

All and all that’s pretty good, I know I’ll need to be comfortable so I’ve opted for the p-type handle bars and a brooks saddle. People tell me they’re not made for pushing out 100 plus miles a day but people have said crazy things like this to me before. I tend not to listen but I respect it’ll be a bit tougher.

So that’s about it. I ordered it today and it takes about 6 weeks to build. I can’t wait to get some training miles in on her and give her a name.


  • Handlebars – P-type
  • Gearing – 6speed. -12%
  • Colour – Cobalt blue
  • Version – Version R (Rear rack)
  • Frame Material – Steel
  • Lighting – Dynamo, Shimano
  • Saddle – Brooks B17
  • Pedals (upgrading to shimano SPD touring)
  • Luggage – Rear rack and front mini-o
  • Suspension – Standard
  • Tyres – Scwalbe Marathon (Will upgrade to Marathon plus)

It might look a bit funny but I’m taking a big punt on it doing the job. It’ll definitely be a conversation starter.


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