HELP NEEDED: The human homing pigeon

It’s been a while since my cycle across America and I’m in need of a mini adventure. I haven’t been able to cycle for 4 weeks since a drink induced tom foolery made me tear my ligament but I’m mostly fine now. 

I have a plan and I need your help…

So I was in a meeting this morning when a colleague mentioned he was driving home this weekend to see his family in Sheffield (never been there) so I googled where it was, pretty far. Come to think of it another colleague mentioned he was driving home the week before, didn’t known where that was either. Turns out a lot of people drive back on Friday night to places I have no idea where they are to see their families. 

Take me with you, Don’t tell me where we’re going, I’ll even wear a blindfold, Just drive me there, I’m normal, I’m nice. Kick me out a few miles from your destination and leave me to find my own way back. If a pigeon can do it I’m sure I can. 

The rules:

 1) I’m not allowed to know where we’re going

2) I’m only allowed £20 cash to spend on what I like apart from transport. 

3) I’m not allowed to use a phone or map to find out where I am.

4) I’m not allowed to talk to anyone. Apart from polite conversation in a shop. 

5) I have to make it back to work on Monday. 

So that’s the gist of it, I’m not sure how it’ll work out or even if I can find someone willing to drive me but I do need help finding someone. 

I’ll need to take a tent with me and some food to get me going but apart from that I might cycle the wrong direction, the right direction, use the sun to navigate and hopefully a few London bound road signs. I can’t tell you enough how terrible I am with English geography. 

So please ask around or put me in contact with someone driving somewhere next friday (June 14th). Ideally I’d like a few responses and I’ll pick one out at random. If they can take a full size bike then great but If not please specify that and I’ll try and borrow a fold up bike. 

Contact details:

twitter: stephen_lloyd

Hopefully I’ll find someone and I’ll be blogging about my adventure home, I might even learn something about England.



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