Day 21 : 128 miles

Today was all about taking it easy and enjoying myself. I’ve decided to go to Jacksonville beach instead of St Augustine as I’m on the right path for it and I don’t have to get my maps out to navigate, also it’s a larger city so I should be good to get a rental car to go down to Orlando easily. It was a nice fresh morning and my legs felt pretty good, I did about 10 miles before stopping at a mini market for a sandwich. I had to keep telling myself not to push myself and take my time. Music on, the world is so much more beautiful with a soundtrack. I had a slight headwind but it could do all it wanted, nothing’s gonna get me down today. I got to a place called Madison shortly after 10 and decided I’d stop for some good food. My 10 o’clock meal usual makes my morning and gives me energy for the afternoon. I saw a local buffet and thought I’d pop in. Buffets are great for this kind of thing, I’m burning about 8,000+ calories a day so know how to get my monies worth. It’s called O’Neals country buffet in Madison, I was there for a little while and ate a few plates of food which was delicious. The thing that really made it were the people, I told them what I was doing and got chatting to them. They were so nice. I got my meal paid for by them and my picture taken to go into the local paper. This was a great start to my last full day.


The food gave me all the energy I needed to get through the morning and into the afternoon. The birds were singing, the sun shinning ( a little too much now as I’m burnt again). It’s weird I decided to take it easy, stop well before dark and well before I was tired and still managed 128 miles. I finished up in a town called Baldwin about 36 miles to the beach which I’ll head for early tomorrow morning. Couldn’t have asked for a better penultimate day. I’m siting here in my $35 motel, a broken TV and sipping on a bottle of $2 beer from the service station. Tomorrows going to be emotional.


2 responses to “Day 21 : 128 miles

  1. done amazing – been keeping an eye on the blog, reads as quite a rollercoaster.

    fantastic achievement, enjoy the home stretch!

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