Day 20: 151 miles

Best morning ever, it wasn’t as cold today so was able to get out relatively early and grab some breakfast. The sun was shining and I had my music on full blast. Energy energy energy, I was full of it. I had to keep forcing myself to stop as I really didn’t want to. It’s pretty hilly but the rolling kind so you get a good run up. The wind today was pretty good too, all me with no head or tail winds. I stopped quite early for lunch at a Waffle House and had waffles with explicitly no grits. I was there a bit longer than I would have normally but got chatting to the waitress and the guy next to me. He was really nice and charge my phone for me and gave me some apple headphones. The rest was pretty plain sailing. I had one near miss with a car entering then only big city and a lady was really impatient and pulled out in front of me. She got some nasty words and I continued my ride but realised its not over yet and I should still be really careful. All and all today was really good, I felt funny twice, both times off the bike. Maybe it’s more natural for me to now that it is to not. I finished up with 151miles in Monticello Florida, found a motel for $35 which is pretty nice. Unfortunately my dinner was some Cheetos, energy bar, pop tart and a milkshake. Not my fault as this is all te garage has. Still I have about 250 miles remaining so should be done in the next couple of days.


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