Day 19: 138 miles

The morning was pretty cold again but cycling through Mobil was really pretty. I had breakfast on a water bar and treated myself to pancakes. My plan for the day was to get to Definiak Springs in Florida and start my last map. Morning are tough, no two ways about it. I hate them. Legs are sore, heads not with it. I devised to just stay on the 90 al the way and only stop when I was hungry. No matter where you are, dogs will find you. The just know you’re coming. Bark bark bark. I couldn’t listen to music over the last few days as my batteries been draining a lot and I’ve lost one of my charging cables. Still very cold today. Had to wear 3 layer and double gloves all day. I only seem to get into the swing of things about 3pm and get my momentum up so as soon as I entered Florida I was on fire. the roads so far are lovely, silky smooth with a dedicated bike path. I managed to get to Defuniak Springs, find a motel for $40 and grab a burger from a local restaurant. And here I am now, sitting in my room hoping for warmer weather with east winds tomorrow, I out of money and staying in motels is something I could do with out. I’m pretty skinny now and feeling really weak. Looking forward to getting my life back but know I should make the most of whilst I’m here.


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