Day 18: 115 miles

Another horribly cold start to the day. I had to stop at a garage to buy extra gloves. I was about to leave Louisiana and go into Mississippi. This was my worst state to date. Up and down, wind, anger, glass, terrible roads. Eugh. I got 3 flats thanks to a large lump of glass which embedded into my tyre. No tubes and one patch left I managed to fix it, thank god. I super glued to hole in the tire closed and my fingers together along with it. I knew things would be good once I got to Wiggins. They had to be. I was expecting great things, I don’t know why. I arrived there and had to eat so went to a Pizza Buffett, it wasn’t bad but I couldn’t shake m terrible mood. I found a Walmart and bought some new tubes which perked me up again, well relieved the stress somewhat. I entered Alabama, woo. Meh, was more the same roads an the rudest truck drivers I’d encountered. I abandoned the directions I was following as most streets didnt have names. I arrived in Mobil and decided to call it a day there until I got new directions. Still too cold to camp I went to another Motel. Horrible horrible motel for $45. No food available I had to eat crisps ( chips) and beer. Turning on the TV to find the first 3 channels were porn, lovely. Fittingly the hot water wasnt working so a cold shower was on the cards, I hardly slept at all as I could hear everyone’s tv’s.


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