Day 17: 123 miles

What a horribly cold morning. I couldn’t even get on the bike. I just pushed it to the nearest gas station and drank so much coffee. This was unreal coldness. The groundhog was well and truly wrong, winters back. I it to Baton Rouge after the dodgiest Mississippi bike crossing in history. My plan was a bit of mess. Go east, keep going east. So I did for 100 miles. Then I though I’d go up to Belusa and get back on the map. I did exactly this, the south winds were a bit annoying but I did fairly well. Treated myself to some waffles and grits ( a southern delicacy) in Hammond and was in Belusa by nightfall. I wen to a garage and ate some food. Got chatting to Al who worked there ad he printed me new directions all the way to st Augustine. I was pretty happy. It was too cold to camp and I didn’t want to experience that coldness again so found a motel for $40 and had a well deserved shower.


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