Day 16: 142 miles

Waking up covered in bites I packed away my bivvy and headed for Merryville for breakfast. I was only a mile from the boarder of Louisiana. Finally a new state. This was going to be a good day. Wait a minute, a road closure you say, 20 mile detour. “Noooo” I yelled at the top of my voice, “cure you road gods” this is censored some what, I was tired and most the words began with with an F or a C. I was so angry. I sat on someone’s lawn, got my iPhone out and then my wifi device to get my maps loaded. Hmm if I take half the detour, continue down, the go a little further I can take the 12 all the way to Baton Rouge, not on route but not far off and will actually shave off 30 off miles. Done. Stopped at the first shop o verify and the lovely lady said to me when I walked in, “can I give you some pizza” I think me and Louisiana are gonna get on just fine. I verified my plan with a few people. I must have 5 people working for me, guys in cars, people with maps. Was brilliant. Finally I was off, I took it pretty easy. It was just straight line. As it was getting dark and I was on about 135 miles I stopped just before the tallest bridge I’d ever seen to get some food and ask about a motel. It was really cold today. After eating and chatting to people I was informed that this bridge was just the start, after it was a 4 mile bridge and I’d have to get a police escort across as it was too dangerous. This is when Met Colin and Alexis, a young couple eating on the same place I was. They offered to escort me over to the nearest motel. Thank you both. I got to the motel and they were fully booked and I was about an hour from the nearest one. Sod that, I’m done for the day. I know it’s cold but I’m camping. I saw church and decided to camp on the grounds reasoning that church folk are nice people and wind mind a little trespassing. This was the coldest night in history. I’ve never felt cold, I couldn’t feel my feet. I only had a one season sleeping bag.


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