Day 15: 146 miles

Waking up in New Weaverly I had one objective. Leave Texas, as much as I enjoyed it I didn’t want to spent a week I one state. It would be a push but I thought I could make it. Merryville was my target. The day went pretty well and the wind although a little in my face wasn’t too bad. The prevailing wind was going south and it was a nice enough day. The highlight had to bed stopping in Honey island which only has one shop/garage/restaurant. This is where I met Hank and Ruby from Beaumont. We had a nice chat and he was amazed to hear I had done 80 miles, it was only 3pm and I still had more in me. The nicest thing was when I went to pay I found out they had paid my bill. I love these people. On and on I went and it soon because apparent I wouldn’t make it to Merryville nor Bon Wier the town before. I figured as it was getting dark I’d get food from Bleakwood, a town 12 miles from Bon Wier. Doh, obviously everything was shut. Without food and drink I had no choice but to just keep pedalling on. The flys, dear god. I must have eaten a dozen but the worst was getting them in my eyes. Eventually I got to Bon Weird, still in Texas. Treated myself to a pizza and slept behind the post office building as the grass was nice. It was hot tonight and I was suffocating. Arms and head out of the bivvy I still have the big lumps from the mosquitoes that had a feast on me.


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