Day 14: 154 miles

I awoke from the carpark and conveniently for breakfast from the service station next to KFC. I asked for directions as I was unsure of my route. Seems I was to spend my first 15 miles going through a national park, that’s nice. I did the gradual climb into the park and didn’t feel great but was looking forward to the nature. I saw some deers, decided not to pay the addition few as it was still dark,. Up and down, up and down, this was a hilly parks. My legs really weren’t working, each hill gave me pain. I continued but began to get really hot despite feeling really cold. There was one hill that really got me, first gear, off the saddle, panting like mad. I was sweating loads, my top was drenched on sweat, I felt sick, I was only on mile 9 as the terrain really wasnt that bad. At the peak of yet another hill I had to stop, ripped my jacket and jersey off and passed around on the verge of hyperventilation. I couldn’t complete 10 miles there was now way I was going to get through over a 100 mile day. When I left the park I knew I needed to eat again, eventually I found a store and decided to do something I’m against, drink copious amounts of energy drinks. They usually make me sick and so t give me any real energy. Moving forward in the day I actually forgot about feeling ill, it’s a weird feeling, feeling happy. I was moving along listening to alt-j, slapping my handle bars and singing out loud. Practising my mooing when saw cows, naying when horses, snorting when I saw pigs, this is more like it. The wind was crossing so only bothered me a few times. As I was approaching Navasota I decided on a detour that seemed quicker, well more direct. It was mostly up hill but I has Infiniti energy for the first time in ages. I felt like I could go pro, I was pushing 20mph up hill or 10 miles. I stopped and had a small bite then though I could push on to the next town and then the next and next. It was getting dark and I was cycling through a massive national forest, 3 pigs jumped out at me and gave chase which was an amusing turn up for the books. Through the forest I could no longer hear my music, the crickets were so loud it drowned out all music. I eventually made it to New Weaverly, asked where the nearest bar was, 10 miles away, meh, and so I slept behind a Verizon. I’m getting good at this wild camping, no tent, no mat, just get in my bag, use my shoes as a pillow and wait for sleep to come.



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