Day 13: 126 miles

I knew today would be a hilly ride as I was entering the “hill country” but I was hoping for not another windy one. My 40 miles straight to Blanco was pretty easy going considering it was the morning ( legs wake up after me) but I felt a heavy cold on my chest and full of phlegm, I managed the hottest of heat I the desserts without sweating too much but today on a mild chilly morning I was sweating and my hair was wet, I got to Blanco and had a hearty breakfast in the only place open. I was surrounded by real cowboys, just like fancy dress but serious. I traveled north to get to Blanco and I knew the wind was going east. Most people look for rain in the morning but I look a wind. This was set to be another tough day. The only saving grace was that I had to meander through the hill country which meant some of the time I could escape it. Once I was back following the maps I for back into the swing of it. Stopped a few times for power aid, monster and whatever food I could stomach, I was really feeling awful now. I accidentally bought cucumber flavoured gator aid which I found quite amusing at first. Up an down I went, so road kill everywhere. If I stopped for a second I smell rotting carcasses. Vultures were all around. The combination of feeling ill, cucumber drink and the stench of rotting animals made me vomit. I really didn’t feel great. I ended the day in Bastrop and went to a KFC. I couldn’t stomach food so just watched the weather. Eventually I ate a small amount of food and slept just outside by the carpark. I didn’t care about concealing myself, I was just there I plain view for all to see. What a rubbish day, this is what happens when you really push yourself to exhaustion without a rest day.



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