Day 12: 139 miles

Up at 5. Kurt and Mary-Francis get up real early and I asked to be woken with them. The wind was banging outside and I knew it would be against me. I had an amazing breakfast made for me. Thank you so much, it was needed. G day entailed of one straight 120 mile road to San Antonio, take the 1604 loop to the north then get in the 281 and sleep in order to get to blanco the next day and be back on the maps. Headwind! Headwind is evil, it pushes you back. The faster you go ( or try and go) the harder it hits you. You can’t coast and it drains your energy. I did te first 30 miles ok, gritted my teeth and the breakfast did me wonders. I was determined to not let it beat me. After about 60 miles I clocked two cyclists outside a service station. I love cyclists, you’re like two kids on your street. It doesn’t matter what’s going on because you kids you just become friends. Same with cyclists. This is when I met Vincent and Sandrine from France

They’d been on the road for 17 months and traveled all the way up from Argentina. Boy did they have some tails, they got mugged at gun point but just made it out ok. They were taking it easy as they 4 days to get to Austin. So were only covering about 40 miles that day due to the wind. After I left them I pushed so hard to the 1604, it took me 110 miles of pushing as hard as I could. The 1604 was evil. The worst road for cyclists, really busy and fast with loads of shops so cars were whizzing by. I couldn’t wait to get off it. When I finally reached the end and made it to the 281 I found a KFC knowing I needed to eat straight away to get my energy back for tomorrow. Fillet burger please, no fillet burgers, chicken twister please, nope, I just started pointing at things, Nope nope nope. Just give me anything with meat and bread!!! Minutes later the manager was over as this was too complicated. I explained I didn’t care what I wanted wanted food now. I refused to play the pointing game agai and eventually he made me a beef burrito. Ok I was tired and probably rude but still. Anyway I left the KFC, pushed by bike to the nearest bush and fell asleep by a gym carpark and the start of the 281.


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