Day 11: 120 miles

Sorry about the delays in my updates. Been getting behind so putting in some 14 hour days on the bike.
I woke up after a surprisingly good sleep despite the disturbances in the dessert and knew I had to make of to Del Rio (about 100 miles) before 5 in order to find a bike shop for some repairs and new tires. The pressure was on. Naturally after a mile I got a puncture, then another one. The road was full of thorns. I had no tubes so had to use patches and my repair kit. Firstly Scabs and Parker patches don’t work in really cold morning dessert temperatures so they just wouldn’t stick, secondly slime tubes don’t really allow the glue to stick down a patch. Pretty soon I was sat on highway trying to find another patch to fix my tube. I didn’t have any. I thought I lost a bit of strength on this trip but I grabbed me wheel and threw it into the dessert as far as a could. Boy did I get it far. I retrieved my wheel. Sat down I the middle of nowhere with noone around and then a man came waking passed. Not what I expected. He was a trick driving and had broken down the night before and was inspecting what was going on. He was fine, he had food, a bed and was just waiting for his company to get him. I wasn’t so fine. I pretended I fixed me wheel so as not to attempt hitch hiking with a hairy trucker and cycled on a flat about a mile up the road. I was about 15 miles from an empty town called Dryden, Texas if you care to check. So I’m now a hitch hiker. You’ve seen the movies. Anyway out went my thumb and there are no cars on this road. Less than minute later a truck pulled up asking what was up. I explained and he said he’s drive me to the next town to get my bike fixed. This was Mike, retired border patrol agent I the process of moving house. He told me not to be alarmed whilst he took his gun out of his belt to put back in his door and equally I told him not to be alarmed when I took my pump from my jacket and put it on my lap. He was a really nice guy and we chatter all the way to the bike shop. Arriving at the bike shop I got new tires , tubes and got my wheel tried and cassette greased. The guy in the bike shop was awesome and it working on my bike right away as he knew I needed to get on the road. He told me I was better going straight to San Antonio rather that up through the hill country. I cycled 30 miles to the next town on a horrible head wind and in all the excitement I hadn’t really eaten. Talk about painfully, hardest 30 miles of my life. I was bonking so badly I only just made it. I went to nearest cafe and has pancakes. This is where I met the Partlows. Kurt and Mary-Francis asked about my journey and I join then whilst they ate. I also me Jodie and Camile who were incredible lovely. They invited me to stay with them on a Fort where they lived. They washed me, fed me and gave me a room for the night. The highlight was Kurt showing me his gun room which was full of guns and ammunition. Some people have an en suite others a gun room. It felt like that scene from terminator 2 when they go to the dessert and uncover the gun shelter. Fantastic. This kindness is really unreal. You don’t get kindness like this anywhere else in the world. I went to bed that night clean and comfortable.



2 responses to “Day 11: 120 miles

  1. Good work dude! I’m a bit concerned about you bonking badly but I’ll put it down to predictive text!

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