Day 10 : 148 miles

I knew I needed a bike shop. I had no tubes left and getting to a bike shop was all I was thinking about. I checked my map and noticed there was one about 30 miles away in Alpine. Go go go. Luckily I made it all the way there with no issues. I went to a garage and asked for directions to the nearest bike shop. The lady at the counter was so excited about hearing I was looking for a bike shop “the bike man, the bike man, you need the bike man. He’ll sort you right up. I love him “so much enthusiasm. Her enthusiasm soon dulled down when she realised it was Monday. “Oh erm he ain’t open Mondays” brilliant. I whipped my map out and knew I’d have to cycle anther 180 miles on a buckled wheel and no spare tubes to get to the nearest bike shop on Del Rio. Luckily the hardwear store sold the horrible slime tubes so I bought a couple just in case. This is when I was AWOL by the way, Texas has no signal and lot of desserts. I went as fast as I could through the desserts and planned to stop at a town called Dryden to spend the night. Arriving there last on the evening I came to find it was a deserted town. I did another 10 miles totalling my day at 148 miles before I camped in a picnic area. Would have been such. Great camp spot it was wasn’t for truck drivers stopping constantly and keeping their engine running. Other than that I slept well and escaped with only two punctures. I swapped my tyres over as the back one was wearing pretty thin due to the weight. Fingers crossed I could get to Del Rio tomorrow without any issues :S


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