Day 9 : 144 miles

After a horrible night sleep I was happy to be back on the bike. I knew it would be 20 miles until I got to the nearest town for breakfast so went on without stopping, until… I saw a service station after about 10 miles from Espareza. I could do with a quick bite I thought so went in. I noticed from a far a car was pulled up getting gas. On I went. As I or closer things got weird, I noticed the car door was open, bit closer, the shop seemed shut, bit closer, it was boarded up, bit closer, a mannequin siting on a bench, then I noticed all the cars wheels were flat. This freaked me out slightly and I didn’t Want to stick around. I got the hell out of there I went on to the next town. I went through my first proper boarder patrol which was fun then I for to the next town for breakfast. I ate a quick but of food and noticed I had 90 miles of nothin ahead of me. Tail wind, flat road, 100 miles and 6 hours later and I was done. My fastest ever 100 miles at a fantastic pace. So much energy. The road was clear and I was happy. I met one cyclist but I was going too fast to chat for long. When I finished on that road I had to turn off. Into the 50mph wind. I couldn’t go more that 6mph and it was killing me. I got a flat, fixed it, a flat, fixed it, a flat, found a pin in my wheel. In 4 hours I had made 16 miles and I got 5 flats. I was literally in the middle of nowhere. I thought I had enough water but the constant stopping and the wind which dries your mouth out meant I was on my last bottle and I had bother 40 miles until I was at fort Davis. I couldn’t move through the wind. I was panicking as I was sipping my last water bottle and noone was around. The rate I was going through it meant it would be gone in an hour and who knew how long this would take I this wind. After an hour I saw a car and I was so worried and stressed I waved it down and asked them for water. They were so kind and have me a gallon they had in their trunk. With this water I knew I could survive the night and camp anywhere until the wind eased up. I made it 10 miles before fort Davis and camped under a tree. I was so lucky those people stopped to give me water. Texas has a bad rep but if you need help people will help you.


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