Hi all, Things are going well and I’m safe. Had a rough day today as I was going through some pretty baron desserts and by far the reskiest bit of my trip. Naturally I broke down, buckeled my wheel and got 4 flats. I ran out of tubes and patches and was just generally miserable. I’m sure you all heard me swearing wherever you are. I had to hitchhike to the next down to get some emergency repairs and some new tyres. The day before I was doing a 90 mile strech and got caught by some nasty headwind which slowed me down a lot and dehydrated me, I got 5 flats. I ran out of water 30 miles from the nearest town and had to wave down the one car i saw and ask for water. Luckily they had some. What an adventure in just the part where things are toughest.

Anyway yes I am fine and back on route. A lovely couple have given me a bed for the night and If I push through I should make it, hopefully. Texas is very very big and I went days without service, I imagine I’ll have a few more days like this so pleae don’t worry too much if you don’t hear from me. I’ll continue filling in the day blogs retrospecivly when I have some time.

I’m tired, burt, have some mean cuts but am otherwise happy. beds are amazing. Enjoy them. showers are great, cherish them and sitting down doing nothing is overrated but I’d love to do that for just one day rather than 13 hours of cycling.
Love it. xxx


One response to “UPDATE

  1. Great to read your progress mate. The perfect read whilst sit in Melbourne airport with a mcflurry in my hand.

    Would be great to see you as a little blue dot on the map, perhaps a worthy addition to blog posts. Would give some perspective to see how the it moves and how much is left in the context of the width of the USoA.

    Keep up the good work mate, you’ll make it and have conquered something huge.

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