Day 8: 134 miles

Again I slept in late at Felix’s place. I knew I had to fix my tire and get on he road early but couldn’t get up. After while I woke up to find Felix’s wife making me fresh pancakes (perfect cycling food) I proceeded to fix tire which I messed up and burst again, then I noticed the front was flat too. I had no tubes left and had to patch it up. I was stressing out but Felix’s wife was so kind and calmed me down. Their young boys were so kind and polite, bare in mind they just woke up to find a stranger trying to fix his bike. Eventually I fixed them all and bid farewell to the lovely family which took me in for the night.

I left Felix’s I knew I had to get some spare tubes so took a detour to find a bike shop. It didnt open until 10 so my 10.30 I was ready to start heading to El Paso. This was a day for interval training. Not because I wanted to work on my speed but every few hundred yards it seems there was a dog waiting to chase me. I would laugh at them when they were enclosed by a fence but there was one that literally jumped it to chase me. I went from 20 to 40 mph in an instant to escape it. When I was away from the dogs in the open country something happens which surprisingly hadn’t happened I America yet. I got overtaken by a bike. He was going fast and not weighed down like I was but still I didn’t like it so I began the chase. Eventually I caught him and stuck in his stream for about 20 miles near enough all the way to El Paso. It’s so much easier cycling in someone’s stream. I got to El Paso, had a double Burger King then decided to make up time and head on. The tail wind was wonderful and I made it all the way to Fort Hancock in no time totally my milage to 120 by 6pm. Unfortunately Texas isn’t great for signal and town literally have nothing in them. Not even. A bar!? Wtf. So I had a bit of food and decided to see how far I’d get before it got dark. I managed another 14 miles and then decided to camp out in the desert miles from anywhere.
It must have been a few hours after I fell asleep before I felt something biting my neck. I couldn’t breath it was pinning me down. I reached out for my knife and pulled myself up. Next thing I knew I was sitting by myself I the dessert clutching on to m knife with nothing around me. Bad dream or what? I don’t know. I was shaking with fear. Then as I tried to go back go sleep I heard howling from all around from what I understand they were coyotes. What a horrible horrible night, I couldn’t wait to get back on the bike.


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