Day 7: 103 miles

I woke up from Johns house a little late. I knew I’d have a 10 mile 8,227ft climb I the Mormon and I wasn’t looking forward to it. I woke up to find this on my seat

How kind. I went in to find John had set up everything for a brilliant breakfast to get me on my way. As I hit the road I noticed 3 other cyclist ahead of me. I caught up with them. 3 awesome guys from Seattle were doing the same route. The started from Phoenix and were on day 9. I stayed with them all the way up. We were all dreading it and the climb didn’t disappoint. On and on it went. I eventually broke away from them due to my higher gearing. I got to the top and thought to myself. That wasn’t too bad. Even if it did take 4 hours for only 10 miles. I wanted to make up the miles so when i got to the top I went on on my own. Now the best way to do a 20 mile down hill is to listen to alt-j, beautiful. All the way to Hillsboro where I stopped for lunch. I went in and asked for the biggest thing they had. As the guys caught up I stayed with them form some apple pie then got back on the road as I was really behind. I gave myself the target of San Lorez about 50 miles from El Paso. As I hit the 100 mile maker for the day there happened to be a bar in a place called Radium Spring. Knackered and tired I just wanted beer to help me fall asleep. I met a really nice guy called Felix who bought me a beer. After a little while he offered to stay at his as he had a spare bed. What a legend. I warned me Texas was going to be tough and took me in washed my clothes and made me have a shower as I knew I would go days if not weeks without one. I stayed up to eat and spent some time talking to felix and his lovey wife who was a big cycling enthusiast. I went to bed pretty late and am all the more cleaner.


One response to “Day 7: 103 miles

  1. I came across your website via another cycling blog on crazyguyonabike. What you have done so far is amazing. Keep up the good work. I am sure that ther are others keeping up with your progress and enjoying your journey. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


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