Day 6 : 102 miles

There’s a shitty little island in an ocean somewhere, on this shitty island are shitty monkeys which eat shitty bananas from the shitty banana trees. The monkeys shit the shittiest shit which fertilises the shitty trees making them even more shitty and the perpetual shittyness goes on getting shittier.

This is a passage taken from a
Murakami novel I was listening to yesterday and pretty much sums up the most part of my day.
I left Duncan around 7am after a lovely night in my first b&b and thought I’d try and get to Silver city for a big lunch as there was nowhere for breakfast. I had some toast at the b&b and stupidly thought that was enough. My plan was to take the 70 around 40 miles to the 90 and then another 40 miles to Silver City. On I went, I got a flat. Ok no worries I’ll take in the scenery. After around 20 miles of cycling through a dessert without hardly any cars I can across a man holding a stop sign. He told me there was 3 miles of road works and no cyclist were allowed. I said its fine I’ll be ok. He told me to come back with either the police or his boss otherwise he won’t let me through. I didn’t fell like cycling back to Safford to take the 191 detour he suggested. We discussed this for a while and after realising I wasn’t getting anywhere I said whilst looking him in the eyes ” ok well I’m going this way as you can’t stop me” I put my headphones in and went for it. He wasnt lying the road was in a state but it didn’t stop me and I came out the other side fine. Right so now I’m on he 90, bare in mind this is a detour and off the map so I have no idea what to expect. The man in the bike shop said “it’s up hill for a bit but then you get a lovely downhill hill all the way into Silver City” sound plausible I thought. After 10 miles ( there were road markers) I was still in good spirits as it was just. Steady incline, I stopped and took a picture thinking it wasnt going to get much worse

Oh it got worse, for another 20 miles, I’ve never been so down. I was cursing. I got another flat and just threw my wheel over a sand hill. It just went on. If I hate you, I really hated you. If I dislike you, I hated you, If I like you, I didn’t like you, I was a different person. Broken. You really need a good meal. I ran out of water, the heat was unreal, the hills were relentless and I wasn’t making good progress. Eventually I got to he outskirts of Silver City and found a service station. I went in and bought 4 bottles of drinks and drank them all, I’ve never been this bad before. I then found a cafe and ate my long awaited breakfast (at 5pm) I’d only gone 78 miles in this time. I knew that wasn’t enough so I went on, after my breakfast I was ok. I wanted to get at least a 100 under my belt to feel ok with the day. I went on, hills after hills. Gods amazing, he can strategically place another hill right at the top of a hill so when you think you’re at the top it just edges round to the left, and again, and again… Sneaky God. I swear if it did’ get dark I could have cycled all the way to Florida, not because I was strong or made of grit but because I was so broken, mentally and physically I just didnt care anymore. Oh look another mountain, and another, it didnt bother me. Those lovely sights of mountains in the distance would soon come to greet me. As it got dark I decided to pull over for some food in a local town and find somewhere to sleep, tomorrow is the biggest mountain I’ll encounter 10 steep steep miles. Turns out everything closes In this town early. I saw someone getting out of there car and asked for directions to he nearest service station.
This is where my day turns good.
John invited me in, let me use a little house in his garden and reheated some of his wife’s lovely soup. He’s asked me to call it John Songs soup

So my horrible day ended fantastically, I’m in warm bed, fed and ready to tackle (I hope ) a 9000 ft mountain tomorrow and I owe it all to John. This horrible shitty day had ended the exact opposite.


3 responses to “Day 6 : 102 miles

  1. So glad you ran into my office mate John Song and that he was able to offer you food and lodging at the end of a tough day. I hope you have better fortune today out on the road, but going up to Emory Pass is no party as you will discover. May you have a great trip, and try to remember New Mexico fondly. (My ancestors came from Bedford, so I always wish the Brits well.)

    • Thank you. Today was less miles but I really enjoyed the mornings climb. Took me a while ( 12 hours ) to warm to New Mexico and now I love it. John is one of a kind and he definitely saved me from a rough night and even a tougher morning. Now I have to worry about Texas apparently.

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