Day 5 : 128 miles

Ok I woke up in Miami cold, so so so cold. Not to mention my right hand just doesn’t work anymore, no joke it can’t do basic things. I managed to just about get my shoes on before I packed up. Here’s me waking up

Once I got up I stopped for breakfast and then decided to get the big hill I was looking at over coffee out the way. Everyone I spoke to once me telling them which direction I was heading told me not to stop in the apache Indian reservation, no matter what. Hearing it from one person was fine but after the third person I got the hint. So I didn’t, on I went. The wind was pretty shitty, I haven’t had a break once yet, either hills, wind or both. I was making terrible time and then the inevitable happened, I fell off. Not a great fall at all, I was slowing down and I couldn’t clip out. To make matters worse I still couldn’t clip out even when on the floor, I had to roll around or ages before I had the angle to yank my foot out. Turns out my cleat was broken and I could clip in fine just not clip out. I saw on the map the nearest bike shop was I’m Safford so that was my new goal, go there and get it fixed. On I went. The wind, the heat, the incline, this wasn’t going to be a Hight milage day.

Eventually I made the 80 miles from my original destination and got to the bike shop. Fixed my cleat, bought some new tubes and had a chat with the owner. He then proceeded to convince me to go off the my map and go a different route via Duncan as its a bit quicker. I thought it was a good idea so went with it. Eventually I made it to Duncan after 128 miles of near enough constant cycling and no real food since breakfast. Pizza, I wanted pizza. I found a shop that was just closing for the night run my a guy called Peter. He took pity on my and made me once of his amazing completely home made pizzas ” it’s on me” he said. I must look a mess.


He phones a lady called Deborah and asked her is he had any rooms in her b&b, two minutes later she was in the pizza place to say hi and offered me the room for $40 which is amazingly cheap. So here I am sitting in a lovely hotel room, clean after a shower and drinking a glass of complimentary wine. Now all I have to do is summon the strength to leave tomorrow.



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