Day 3 : 136 miles

What a cold night, I mean really cold. I slept just outside Blythe, woke up freezing a few times and I mean freezing. When I eventually get up I cycled about 5 miles into town about 6.45 in the morning. Stopped at a cafe to which the waitress said ” it’s a big nippy out there ain’t it” I just nodded. ” still it’s gonna be a hot one”. We spoke for a while and I told her about my trip.


I checked the elevation of today, great all up hill for 100 miles and then downhill into Phoenix. So I set of, it was a really good day for it, beaming sun, no headwinds, great. I went through a road called dome road off a freeway, beautiful. It was desserts with the occasional truck pulled over or camper where people had decided to pan for gold, I wanted to join them but my speed was going well and I was just enjoying the view. I continued on. At the 50 mile mark I stopped for Mexican. I didn’t know that would pretty much be my last stop for the day. Route 60, just one straight long hill all the way. I decided to push on even when it got a little dark just because I saw a sign for a subway and check the Internet. If course I got a flat but I fixed it and headed along route 60 I the dark which I didn’t want to be doing, still the sun setting in Arizona is just beautiful.


On I went and found the subway, of course it had no wifi. I ate then found a place behind it to camp, ready for another freezing night living it rough. I need a shower.


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