Day 2 : 110 miles

So day one was hard, all up hill for the entire day. Looking at the elevation for day 2 I was excited, flat and mostly straight with no real navigation required. I got to Brawley pretty early for breakfast, couldn’t find wifi and was slightly annoyed but headed on regardless. What this? A little headwind, ok not to worry. On I it and it just got worst, next thing I knew I getting hit by sand sand sand, moving along so slowly. It was depressing. Today was meant to be a good day. I met a guy called Dave shortly after Glamis who was hoping to do the route in 3 months on a unicycle. I stuck with him for a bit but eventually went on. Up and down, up and down through the dessert. Because of the wind I didn’t notice hot it was and that I was get burnt. Really burnt. I continued to Palo verde where I stopped for some beer and fish n chips and decided to continue the next 20 miles to Blythe totalling my hard day of cycling at 110 miles, which sucks for a 13 hour day but the wind was so bad.



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