Day 1 : 120 miles

I started the day early but didnt hit the road until 6.45am. Riding through San Diego was pleasant, a few hills was I complained about but that was nothing compared to what I was going to encounter. I stopped after 30 miles for a whopper at about 9. As soon as I was back on the bike the hill started. In England there’s tell tell signs you’re about to hit a hill, like when you get on to a road called Sunny Hill, or High Point. It’s the same here, except this road was called Alpine. That pretty much sums up the next 50 miles, a 4,500 ft climb I’m the mountains and snow. I was freezing. To put the heigh into perspective Ben Nevis ( the UK’s highest mountain is 3,900ft. Just after the top I met a group of women cyclist doing the same route, all over 50 and hoping to complete the ride in 2 months. I stated with them for a while and eventually went out different ways. So climbing all day was tough but boy was the otherwise fun. A beautiful mountainous 7 miles was on the cards, eagles flying around me( probably vultures waiting for the enviable, but not today my little friends) after that was over the dessert began to emerge, here’s something beautiful about open desserts which I can’t explain

After this I cycled along a dirt road for 17 odd miles until I got to a small town called Seeley where I treated myself to beer Doritos and a few games of pool with the locals, I then cycled a mile or so back to the Yuha dessert where I camped under the stars and slept for 10 straight hours .

1 flat.
11 hours on the saddle.


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