Taking one for the team and raising £260 for WarChild

So as part of my training I’m having to cut down on my drinking.. obviously. However when I was out last night having a couple of drinks we got chatting to Dave, Dave and Stacie whilst taking part in the pub quiz. After coming second everyone except me decided to celebrate with some Jaeger bombs (as you do, on a monday) I declined explain that not only do I not do shots, drink red bull and the smell of Jaegermeister makes me want to vomit I was also training to cycle across america for charity. Naturally a new challenged was born and WarChild is £130 (which will be doubled to £260) better off. Can’t complain although training today won’t be going too well.
The challenge was 3 Jaegers bombs in 30 seconds, I managed it in 11 I believe.


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