Sore legs, cold, wet and eating what the hell I want.

So I’ve just completed my first 2 weeks of training. All and all I’m pretty happy with myself. I’ve been trying to vary it as much as I can and save my big rides for the weekend so as to avoid cycling in the dark. 

Last week I cycled around Richmond Park for the first time, It was lovely. The park has a good variety of hills and flats and as it’s a loop you’re likely to get a headwind at some parts and this was a particularly windy week. The Deers give you something to stare at too to take you’re mind off cycling for a few seconds. On Thursday I did repeats up Swain’s Lane in Highgate, that was a killer but I managed it 5 times and intend to increase that by one each week whilst improving my speed. 

Yesterday Tim and I cycled to Brighton and most the way back totaling around 102 miles. It was such a miserable day, waking up at 6 in the dark with it chucking it down with rain and freezing cold wind. The day didn’t get much better but we powered through and tried to complain as little as possible, this was probably the first time I’ve heard Tim complain about being cold. I’ve been buying lots of things either to make my ride more comfortable or my recovery quicker and yesterday I made my best purchase to date which every winter cycling needs, 10 year old Glenmorangie scotch…sent me to sleep in about 20 minutes. 

Today I had a nice sunny day cycling around Regents Park, reminded me what I like about cycling. 


About to do some laps of Regents Park on a nice sunny Sunday with Amelia.

My legs have been sore most days but at least it shows my training is having an affect. I’m enjoying eating what the hell I want the most, Had 7 meals the other day and still managed to lose a few pounds over the week. Sounds great but I’m eating so I don’t lose too much weight, that’ll come on the adventure. 

I’ve also chosen a Charity which is War Child. It’s a great charity that my work supports. Please check out my Charity section for links to donating if you’re interested. 

I’m looking forward to my 3rd week of training although I do fear the long weekend cycles as It means I’m usually out the house for 8 hours at a time. 

So that’s the last 2 weeks… I’ll be sure to post in a couple more weeks If I have something “interesting” to share. 


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